Daniel Shapiro

Onderhandelingsexpert, Harvard professor

Harvard Professor Daniel L. Shapiro is one of the world’s most highly sought-after experts on human relationships, empowering us with crucial tools to more effectively collaborate, communicate, and innovate.

As founding director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program, Dr. Shapiro brings a gold mine of practical frameworks on collaboration and communication to boost your organization’s success. Shapiro’s life mission is to help people interact more effectively.

Dr. Shapiro has successfully advised everyone from leaders of war-torn countries to executives at Fortune 500 companies and family-owned businesses. He chaired the World Economic Forum’s global agenda council on conflict resolution.

Dr. Shapiro is also the author of the critically acclaimed bestseller Negotiating the Nonnegotiable, providing groundbreaking methods for overcoming polarizations at work, at home, and abroad. He also co-authored the negotiation classic Beyond Reason.

During the seminar Forward Thinking Leadership he will share his insights on emotions and (ir)rationality during conflicts. He knows how to use psychology to more effectively communicate and solve difficult situations: a skill ‘forward thinking’ leaders need!

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